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Summer Program

Learning to scull is a great way to develop the skills of a sweep rower. You become much more aware that all of your body motions affect the speed of a boat, and this carries over into eights rowing.
– Melanie Onufrieff, Coach Cornell University

 Sculling is a great way for high school sweep rowers to improve their boat feel and sweep technique.
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We will be able to accommodate 20 or more youth rowers and as many masters rowers in these boats during the summer.

Sculling Program

Our youth sculling program is modular in 3 week sessions during the Summer and 6 weeks in the Fall. A youth rower can do just 9 weeks or build a complete Summer and Fall program that will have at least 15 weeks of sculling and competition at 2 Summer and at least 3 Fall regattas

There will be several class options for youth who have never rowed but wish to learn basic sculling. These recreational classes are also suitable for youth who have sculled and wish to continue sculling for fun and fitness. One can, if the spirit moves, race the Maas Aeros, the Maas 24, or the Zephyr at a Summer Regatta. After completing a recreational class, a sculler can also move up to a competition class and work out in a much faster boat.

The competition track will offer youth the opportunity to scull in racing singles and the double. Just as at other rowing organizations, during the Summer and Fall they will be racing as a club program under the CLCR banner.

Masters scullers (over age 18) will also have both recreational and competitive sculling options with or without instruction. They will also have the opportunity to compete at regattas if they wish.

Additionally, we are working to identify middle school rowers that can start early and grow into the sport possibly competing when in high school either thru CLCR or a high school rowing program such as E.O. Smith Crew. We have designed a morning enrichment program for 4 Fridays in July primarily for young middle schoolers. Eighth graders who are going into  high school should sign up for a recreational sculling program if they are interested in exploring rowing as a sport.

Members of CLCR who qualify for Captains Privileges (see Access to Boats section below) may reserve a boat and scull outside of class times.

Scholarships are Available for Youth

Many youth rowers face financial constraints that we need to ameliorate. If a kid wants to row we are committed to help to make it happen. Our scholarship program, funded generously in part by the Mansfield Lions club,  will reduce the program fees detailed below. A typical scholarship will be $100 and thus reduce the recreational sculling program of 6 2 hour classes to $95. Youth who need aid to row aid are strongly encouraged to complete the scholarship application that is on this web site. .

Access to Sculling Boats

Captains Privileges permit members of CLCR to scull on the lake outside of formal classes and without a coach.

Before being permitted to apply for Captains Privileges in a recreational single, a rower must complete a sculling class with at least 6 sessions. Coaches as a committee will approve Captains Privileges on a case by case basis based upon demonstrated ability to navigate the lake in a single safely.

Before being permitted to advance to further instruction in a competition single, or the double, a rower must complete a recreational sculling class with at least 6 sessions. A rower will additionally be tested and approved by the coaches, The test will include flipping the competition single, righting it, and climbing back in unassisted.

Members who have Captain’s Privileges will be permitted to scull provided they are with at least one other sculler. A second person on the water is a safety measure, and a second person is helpful for launching and storing boats. Scullers with captains privileges  need to check with the operations manager to ensure boat access. sign up for day and time and boat to ensure boat access. One can row with a buddy at any time when the boats are not being used for a classes or at a regatta.

Competition at Regattas

CLCR seeks to advance the rowing abilities of rowers of all ages by competing at regattas. For youth rowing at regattas can be an important component of their development. It  leads to more competitive rowing at the high school and college level. The 2016 Regattas that we will be attending are:

  • 1,000 meter Summer Sprint Races (Sculling only)
    • Lawrence Celebration Regatta, Lowell MA Saturday July 9
    • Methuen City Sprints, Essex Boat Club (Merrimac River) , Methuen MA Saturday July 30
  • 2,000 Meter or longer Full Head Races
    • Coastweeks Regatta (2000m), Mystic Seaport Sun, September 18
    • Head of the Merrimac Regatta (6000m), Essex Boat Club Sat September 24
    • Textile River Regatta (5,000m) Lowell MA Sun, October 2
    • Annual New England Youth rowing Championships (2,000m). Lake Quinsigamond, Shrewsbury MA Sun, October 9

At some regattas there are races for kids under 15 so middle school rowers can compete as well.

We will field a team of rowers and attend several regattas during the Summer and Fall. Youth will have priority over masters in access to sculling boats if there are race time conflicts at a regatta. See for information on specific races.


Our Mission
Coventry Lake Community Rowing, Inc. enriches Northeastern Connecticut by providing rowing opportunities for individuals. It is the only community rowing program in Northeastern Connecticut. CLCR promotes diversity in the sport of rowing through programs which introduce avenues for athletic development and personal growth for both youth and adults. CLCR’s programs introduce new rowers to the sport, offer training for competitive rowers, and support the under-represented within rowing.