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Monitoring Compliance with Policies and Procedures


CLCR monitors for compliance with its policies and procedures, including without limitation its Awareness Training, Travel, Locker Room and Changing Areas, and Physical Contact Policies.


CLCR utilizes multiple monitoring methods to observe how individuals are interacting, including without limitation (1) formal supervision, including regular evaluations; and (2) informal supervision, including regular and random observation (e.g., roving and checking interactions throughout practices), and (3) maintaining frequent contact with staff members, volunteer and athletes who interact off-site.


WhileCLCR has a formal reporting policy, staff members and volunteers should be prepared to respond immediately to inappropriate or harmful behavior, potential risk situations and potential boundary violations.

Staff members and volunteers will redirect inappropriate behaviors to promote positive behaviors, confront inappropriate or harmful behaviors, and report behaviors if necessary.


Staff members and volunteers are required to report policy violations, misconduct and physical and sexual abuse consistent with CLUB’s Reporting Policy. CLCR does not investigate suspicions or allegations of child physical or sexual abuse or attempt to evaluate the credibility or validity of such allegations as a condition for reporting to appropriate law enforcement authorities.





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Coventry Lake Community Rowing, Inc. enriches Northeastern Connecticut by providing rowing opportunities for individuals. It is the only community rowing program in Northeastern Connecticut. CLCR promotes diversity in the sport of rowing through programs which introduce avenues for athletic development and personal growth for both youth and adults. CLCR’s programs introduce new rowers to the sport, offer training for competitive rowers, and support the under-represented within rowing.
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