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Supervision of Athletes and Participants


During training and competition, CLCR strives to create two-deep leadership and minimize one-to-one interactions to create a safe training environment and to protect athletes and participants.


Individual Meetings

An individual meeting may be necessary to address an athlete’s concerns, training program, or competition schedule. Under these circumstances, coaches, staff members and/or volunteers are to observe the following guidelines:

  • Where possible, an individual meeting should take place in a publicly visible and open area
  • If an individual meeting is to take place in an office, the door should remain unlocked and open
  • If a closed-door meeting is necessary, the coach, staff member and/or volunteer must inform another coach, staff member and/or volunteer and ensure the door remains unlocked

Individual Training Sessions

An individual training session(s) with an athlete or participant may also be desired or necessary. Under these circumstances, permission of a minor athlete’s parents or guardians is required in advance of the individual training session(s), and CLCR welcomes parents and guardians to attend the training session if able.


Except as set forth above, minor athletes and participants will not be left unattended or unsupervised during CLCR activities.


Our Mission
Coventry Lake Community Rowing, Inc. enriches Northeastern Connecticut by providing rowing opportunities for individuals. It is the only community rowing program in Northeastern Connecticut. CLCR promotes diversity in the sport of rowing through programs which introduce avenues for athletic development and personal growth for both youth and adults. CLCR’s programs introduce new rowers to the sport, offer training for competitive rowers, and support the under-represented within rowing.
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